Individual Counseling

Many people need individual counseling in Glen Burnie to work on their personal goals. Elevate Recovery Centers will work with you set appropriate goals for treatment and a treatment plan. We have a diverse group of clinicians and each one uses slightly different techniques to assist you. All of our therapists are compassionate, skilled practitioners who provide support as you make the journey toward balance and health. We specialize in treating addiction, depression, and related anxieties.

*Individuals are often more successful when they set their own goals for success and feel empowered to make life decisions. 

Within Elevate Outpatient Mental Health Center, we rely less on measuring success against predetermined programmatic goals and more on allowing the client to define their own standards and setting individualized goals.

Clients have time and space held for them to explore themselves and their own issues. From depression and/or anxiety coping skills, to grief, trauma, and more, clients can look at what makes them who they are and where they want to move from here.

Individual Counseling
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Individual Counseling

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